General Info

River Ridge is a vibrant waterfront gated community of 173 home sites located in Tequesta, Florida. We enjoy the School District, property tax rate, and other benefits of being located in Martin County while still having ready access to the many benefits of Palm Beach County located just 1/2 mile south of the community. River Ridge offers amenities such as:

24-hour guard and gated security, clubhouse and landscaped community grounds, 2 lighted tennis courts, with one marked for pickle ball, children’s playground, two lakes for light recreational use, on-site property management and a friendly community.

Forty-three of our homes are located directly on the mangrove lined North Fork of the Loxahatchee River and have ocean access for their watercraft. Forty-eight of our homes are located on pristine community lakes where bass abound. The community is bordered to the west by the North Fork of the Loxahatchee River and to the north and east by the woodlands and dunes of Jonathan Dickinson State Park. Wildlife from the park to include Deer, River Otters, Owls, Bald Eagles, Sandhill Crane, Ducks, Wood Storks, Ibis and Osprey are often visitors to the community. River Ridge is only 2 miles north of the Jupiter inlet and public boat ramps and 1 ½ miles west of the Atlantic Ocean and enjoys the year round benefits of the onshore ocean breezes.

The overall purpose of the River Ridge Homeowners Association is to protect the property values of every resident and to promote harmony in the community. The Board of Directors has a fiduciary responsibility to the Association members. The River Ridge Directors election and annual meeting is held in March of each year. There are 5 Directors who hold staggered 2-year terms. The Board of Directors and their positions and committees they occupy are as follows;

The Board of Directors and their positions and committees they occupy are;

Laura Slinkman – President

Mike Sirota – Vice President

Pat Papi – Treasurer

Dona Scoville – Secretary

Adam Rhys– Director

Property Management

Kloo Management, LLC is the management company responsible for addressing the needs of the residents upon direction of your association’s Board of Directors. Kloo Management provides 24-hour on-call management coverage for every resident’s concerns (for all emergencies please call the 911 or the Martin County Sheriffs Office). Kloo Management has an on-site office at the River Ridge Clubhouse and is available on Mondays from 8:30 AM to noon (except on the third Monday of each month when they will be at the evening Board meeting), Wednesday from 8:30 AM to noon and every Thursday from 1PM to 4:00PM.

Property Manager – Cherylynn Pannebecker

18600 County Line Road

Tequesta, FL 33469

River Ridge Telephone: 561-747-0122    FAX: 561-427-6052

[email protected]

To report an issue, problem, or ask a question please contact Cherylynn Pannebecker at the above listed telephone number or use the Issue Report Form available on the River Ridge web site. Please identify yourself and your address when making a report.

24 Hour Guarded Gate Access Control

Please call the Martin County Sheriffs Office at 772-220-7000 or 911 for all emergencies and to report any crime or suspicious activity. The community maintains gated access control 24 hours a day using unarmed guards. The guard’s main function is to allow only authorized persons access into the community. Guards are not allowed to receive packages for delivery or pick-up. Guards are not authorized to respond to problems at private homes – that is a Sheriff’s duty.

All residents should have a River Ridge bar code on the rear passenger side window.  River Ridge vehicle bar code decals may be obtained by completing the Resident Vehicle barcode Request Form available from the property manager or web site.  Residents trying to enter the community in a vehicle not bearing a sticker will be stopped by the guard and asked for identification to prove residency.  The entrance into the community consists of two lanes.  The right lane is reserved for residents who have bar codes.  The left lane is for all other traffic and vehicles must stop at the Gatehouse for identification purposes.  Each resident is allowed two bar codes.  Any homes having more than two must pay $10 for each additional bar code.  The bar codes may be purchased at the River Ridge on site office.

The guards maintain lists that each resident has submitted to allow authorized visitors into the community.  Please contact the gatehouse approximately 30 minutes prior to the arrival of any guests that are not on the authorized list.  Inform the guard of your name and address and the names of your expected guests.  The gatehouse telephone number is 747-9490. If at any time a community member needs to update their list they should complete a Resident Security Information Form and submit it to the Gatehouse.  Copies of this form are available at the Gatehouse or at

The guards maintain lists that each resident has submitted to allow authorized visitors into the community. Please contact the gatehouse approximately 30 minutes prior to the arrival of any guests that are not on the authorized list. Inform the guard of your name and address and the names of your expected guests. The gatehouse telephone number is 747-9490. If at any time a community member needs to update their list they should complete a Resident Security Information Form and submit it to the Gatehouse. Copies of this form are available at the Gatehouse or at

River Ridge Web Site

The River Ridge web site is an excellent resource for all community members. All meeting minutes are posted on the web site as are the annual financial documents. The web site is a permanent electronic archive for these documents. The site is filled with pictures of the neighborhood, general information, quarterly newsletters, policies, rules, and various forms. The following can be printed from the site; the Request for Project Approval Form, Clubhouse Reservation Form, Resident Security Information Form, River Ridge Lot Map, and Issue Report Form; and the By-laws, Articles of Incorporation, Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, and all policies. The site can be particularly useful for realtors and potential home buyers. The site is

Association Board Meetings

Meetings of the Association Board of Directors are held at 7:00 PM on the third Monday of each month at the clubhouse. All members and residents are welcome to attend. The annual meeting is held every March with the election of new board members. Board members are elected for a two-year term and there are five Directors on the board. The two-year terms are staggered so not all Board members are up for election each year. Minutes to all meetings are posted on the River Ridge web site. A permanent electronic archive of these documents has been started at the River Ridge web site and hard copies of all community records are maintained in files in the Boardroom at the Clubhouse.

Architectural Changes/Approval

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) must approve all exterior alterations, modifications, additions, and deletions prior to the commencement of work. This includes, but is not limited to: fences, landscaping, exterior color changes, removal of landscaping, addition of landscaping, pools, spas, porches, screen enclosures, play equipment, satellite dishes, solar panels, hurricane shutters, etc. The ARC meets on the third Monday of each month at 6:30 pm to review all requests. Requests must be received by the Monday prior to the meeting to be reviewed at the next meeting. Please contact the property manager or visit to obtain the Project Approval Request Form and/or River Ridge Design Manual and for information on how to submit a request.

Trash Collection

Nichols Sanitation collects trash on Mondays, Wednesdays (landscape only) and Thursdays with recycling pick-up on Mondays. Trash is to be placed at the curb no earlier than dusk the day before the trash collection days. All trash containers are to be removed from the street on the same day as the pick-up takes place.  Recycle container is required by Martin County for automated pickup.  Please note that the bins should be at least 3 feet apart on recycle day to accommodate the automated pickup arm on the recycle truck.

Recycling bins may be obtained by contacting Nichols Sanitation. Also, please contact Nichols Sanitation if you are planning to dispose of large household items or have accumulated a large amount of plant trimmings. Telephone: 772-546-7700 or 800-824-8472


All owners may reserve and use the clubhouse. The clubhouse has meeting and gathering rooms, a full kitchen, restrooms, and a large screen television available for use by residents and their guests. If you would like to use the clubhouse, please contact the property manager or visit to obtain the Clubhouse Reservation Form and other details. A $100 non-refundable use fee and a $250 security deposit are required. The clubhouse telephone number is 747-0122.

Community Restrooms

Men and women’s restrooms are located at the exterior of the north side of the clubhouse. The bathrooms are equipped with a combination lock.

Tennis Courts

The tennis courts may be played on until 10:00 p.m. nightly. The courts are secured with a key lock. You may obtain a copy of the key from the property manager with a $10.00 deposit. A key to the tennis courts is also available to be borrowed from the gatehouse. The tennis courts are equipped with lights that are controlled by 60-minute timers. Please shut off the lights by turning the timers to 0 when play is complete. Please limit your playtime to one hour if others are waiting. To protect the courts from damage, non-tennis activity on the courts is prohibited (e.g., skateboards, roller blades, bicycles).

Community Socials

River Ridge maintains an active social calendar for both children and adults. Members of the community will be notified of all upcoming events through postings on the bulletin board, newsletter, and fliers. Any community member interested in organizing an event should contact the Social Committee.


The lakes are serviced and maintained by a lake management service provider. The lakes are for the use and enjoyment of all residents. Fishing and kayaking are permitted however no powerboats are permitted on the lakes. Report any lake problems (e.g., algae blooms, malfunctioning fountains) to the property manager. Lake levels will fluctuate with the wet and dry seasons.


Pets are not allowed to roam freely about the community. Pets are required to be on a leash when not on the owner’s property. Owners are required to clean up/pick up all pet droppings at the time of dropping. You can be fined for violating this rule. Residents may call Martin County Animal Control Violation Report Form to report various violations.

Parking and Roadway Use

Parking is restricted to driveways and garages. Overnight parking is not permitted on road right of ways, swales, or commons areas. The storage of trucks (inclusive of pick-ups), trailers, boats, RV’s, and commercial vehicles (other than day-time service vehicles) in a driveway, swale, or on community property is not permitted. In addition use of go-carts, golf carts, ATV’s, motor scooters, and similar recreational vehicles on community owned roads is prohibited.

Quarterly Assessment

The quarterly assessment is due on the 1st of January, April, July, and October. Assessments are paid via mail in coupon or direct deposit. Coupon books and direct deposit forms are available from the property manager. To obtain cable you must contact your vendor of choice.

Community Business and Contracts

The covenants, by-laws, and articles of incorporation do not preclude the use of community members as service providers. It has been the experience of the Board that the community has received the best project cost estimates, quality of workmanship, and project completion timeliness from community member service providers. Any community member who is interested in bidding on River Ridge work projects should contact the Property Manager and provide them with your name, the service you provide, and your contact information so you can be contacted for a bid when a project in your field is initiated.